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Can I Expunge a Felony Conviction in Florida?

If you have ever been arrested in Florida, then you have a criminal record, whether you were convicted of the crime or not. Perhaps you made a mistake in your younger days, but now you are leading a productive, law-abiding life. Regardless of the circumstances, if you were arrested, you have a criminal history that is easily accessible to prospective lenders, landlords, employers, and anyone who wants information about you. This can affect your chances of getting a job or a loan, or even a potential relationship, if someone decides to run a background check.

A felony conviction cannot be expunged from your record. However, depending on the circumstances, it is possible to resolve even more serious felony offenses with the help of an experienced Fort Myers criminal defense attorney with our firm. It could be very important to your future to get your criminal record cleared. At Calvo & Calvo, Attorneys at Law, we have a former prosecutor and a Board Certified Criminal Trial lawyer on our legal team. We are committed to excellence, and to giving our clients the best possible legal representation.

Criminal records can only be expunged when there was no conviction for a felony, misdemeanor, or criminal traffic offense such as DUI or driving with a suspended license. A conviction on one case can prevent you from expunging any other case, even if you were not found guilty, or the charges were dismissed by the judge or the prosecutor. If there was no actual conviction, in some cases, the record can be expunged.

There are very specific legal requirements for expungement, and it needs to be done properly from the beginning. Probation has to be completed. There cannot be any outstanding requirements, such as fines or community service. This can be a frustrating experience if you try to do it on your own. Let our seasoned Fort Myers criminal defense lawyer walk through the process. Contact us for professional assistance in clearing your criminal record.