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Robbery Defense Attorney in Fort Myers

Defense Against Robbery Charges

If the theft of another’s property or money is committed by force, Florida State legislation considers it a criminal act of robbery. While the details of a robbery description can change depending on what was taken and how it was taken, and whether or not a deadly weapon was involved at some point, all forms of robbery are serious violations that are punishable by strict sentencing. Anyone accused of robbery should act quickly to retain reliable legal counsel.

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Are you facing robbery charges? You need to act fast and contact a Fort Myers theft crime lawyer who can protect your interests and concerns. These cases can be difficult to deal with, particularly concerning the harsh penalties that may be implemented upon a conviction, but with the right approach and extensive knowledge and experience with these cases an attorney can make a difference.

We can represent clients facing all forms of robbery charges, including:

  • Armed robbery: Using a firearm, gun, or other form of deadly weapon in a menacing manner to take property; it is considered a 1st degree felony and can carry a life sentence if convicted.
  • Weapon crime with robbery: Using an object that is not inherently deadly to commit a robbery; another 1st degree felony with possible sentencing of 30 years’ prison time and $10,000 fine paid to the state.
  • Simple robbery: Using force to take another’s property but not using any sort of weapon or object to do so; you could be incarcerated for 15 years and pay $10,000 fine if you are convicted of this 2nd degree felony.

Fort Myers Criminal Defense Lawyer for Robbery

When you consider that you may face up to life in prison if convicted of robbery, it becomes all the more evident how important your criminal defense team will be in helping you avoid an entirely changed future. In challenging robbery charges for our clients, we take care to thoroughly investigate the matter to uncover any violation or mistake, no matter how small, that may weaken the prosecuting attorney's case against you.

For a confidential case review, contact a Fort Myers criminal defense attorney at Calvo & Calvo, Attorneys at Law.

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