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Understanding Your Grand Theft Charges

Theft charges are categorized into two separate types: grand theft and petit theft. The deciding factor in whether or not the crime will be charged as grand theft or petty theft depends solely on the amount of money that the property was worth. Property with a value under $400 is considered petty theft. Likewise, property stolen with a value above $400 I considered grand theft. All theft charges require the help of skilled attorney.

If you speak with a Fort Myers criminal defense lawyer immediately you may be able to get your charges dropped. There are a number of defenses against grand theft. It is not uncommon for someone to be accused of a theft crime they did not in fact commit. Sometimes evidence was seized illegally. The constitution protects us against illegal search and seizure and when it is violated, the evidence is no longer allowed in court. A Fort Myers criminal attorney may be able to start assisting you immediately.

Aggressive Defense You Can Depend On

A highly skilled Fort Myers theft attorney can create a strong defense case against the prosecution. Grand theft is a considered a serious offense and can be charged as a felony. In some cases it is considered a misdemeanor depending on the circumstances surrounding the charges.

You could be facing years in prison, hefty fines, and a permanent criminal record viewable by anyone including your landlord and any potential employers. Many employers will not risk hiring someone who is not considered trustworthy. Don't jeopardize your future and leave everything up to chance.

If you speak with one of our skilled attorneys today, you will know that you did everything possible to avoid a very serious conviction with ramifications that could last years. Our experienced attorneys are ready to answer your questions.

Contact a Fort Myers grand theft attorney immediately if you are facing grand theft charges.


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