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Commercial Driver's License DUI in FL

A commercial driver's license is needed to operate any commercial vehicle that is used to transport goods. This can include tractor trailers, tow trucks and even buses. If a police officer pulled your vehicle over under the suspicion that you were drinking and driving, you may have been charged with CDL DUI. With this kind of DUI charge, you risk having your commercial license taken away, which means that your job is being threatened. If you have a DUI of less than three years ago and you are trying to obtain a CDL, you may seek out the legal guidance of our Fort Myers DUI lawyers.

If arrested while driving a commercial vehicle, you may have your license taken away but be given a temporary driving permit. Our firm can help you fight your charges and help you get your driver's license reinstated. A commercial driver's license is what gives you the ability to hold a job and if it is taken away, you risk more than just a mark on your driving record. The legal blood alcohol limit is also different for drivers of commercial vehicles. You may be arrested if you display a 0.04 or higher as opposed to a 0.08 percent. If you need help defending against your CDL DUI then you have come to the right place.

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Our firm has had more than 40 years of experience in helping clients just like you get their DUI charges either lessened or dropped. It is important as a driver of a commercial vehicle that you do not lose your license. Losing your license is like losing your livelihood. We may be able to get you a temporary CDL or get your charges taken away so that you can make a living again. To learn more, get in touch with a Fort Myers DUI lawyer from our firm today.

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