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Of all the legal matters that a firm may handle, those involving marriage and the family unit can be the most difficult. Not only are they legally complex, but they involve issues that have the potential to be emotionally charged and that will also have a significant financial impact on all parties involved.

That is why our firm is committed to excellence in handling family law and divorce cases. If you live or are looking for legal counsel in the Bonita Springs area, now is the time to contact a divorce lawyer at our firm to see how we can assist you. At Calvo & Calvo, Attorneys at Law, our team recognizes the importance of your case and will work closely with you to determine the best approach.

Handling Custody, Support, Visitation and All Family Law Matters

Our team can help at virtually any stage of your divorce or with any type of family law matter. We can assist you in making crucial preparations for your divorce, addressing your finances, living situation and temporary arrangements regarding custody or support. We are skilled in collaborative divorce and will take this route whenever possible to avoid drawn out and expensive litigated divorces in court.

If you and your spouse have already agreed upon all relevant issues, including the following, we can facilitate the completion of an uncontested divorce:

A divorce lawyer at our firm can also help with various issues that may arise after your Bonita Springs divorce. For example, remarriage, job loss, promotion or relocation may make it necessary to pursue a modification of custody, child support or spousal support. Enforcement proceedings may be necessary if you are having trouble getting your ex-spouse to pay support or comply with your parenting plan. Recourse is available to you in many different ways; we can review your specific situation to determine the best course of action for you and your family.

Experienced Help with Your Bonita Springs Divorce

Experience is crucial in family law matters. Kati Smith Calvo, one of our founding attorneys, has extensive experience in these cases. She has represented thousands of clients in each division of the courts and uses her familiarity with court proceedings, mediation and negotiation to protect her clients' best interests no matter the particular circumstances surrounding their cases. She will tailor her approach to suit the specific situation, whatever it may be.

Looking for experienced legal help in the Bonita Springs, FL area? Contact a divorce lawyer at our law offices today. 


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  • "Jose made me feel confident from our first conversation and throughout the legal process that everything would be OK. He is a calming presence and walks the walk of what you will discuss and work on with him. Very highly recommended."
  • "Mr. Calvo was very knowledgeable and professional. He directed me through a very complicated situation with ease and confidence. I would definitely recommend him to any of my friends."
    Ron K.
  • "Mr. Calvo was a huge help with a situation I got into while I was on vacation a couple years ago. He fought tooth and nail for me and made sure everything was ok, all while we were thousands of miles apart. I can't thank him enough!"
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