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Fort Myers DMV Hearing Lawyer

What To Expect at a Florida DMV Hearing?

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is the entity responsible for suspending licenses. In the event that you are charged with drunk driving, you will attend what is known as a DMV hearing. This hearing is separate from your criminal hearing, but is still incredibly important because it decides whether or not you will suffer a driver's license suspension.

What you can expect at a DMV hearing are questions such as:

  • Who was driving the vehicle?
  • Were you legally arrested?
  • Was your test administered properly?
  • Was the evidence above the legal limit?

After being charged with a DUI, you don't have much time to obtain legal help before your DMV hearing—only 10 days. This is why our firm is prepared to act quickly on your behalf. We have assisted many individuals just like you with their DMV hearings and were able to get their licenses back. It is difficult to imagine life without being able to drive, but with our help you may not ever have to.

What to Do After a Driver's License Suspension?

Even if there is evidence against you, you can still challenge that evidence when you have a Fort Myers DUI lawyer on your side. You may be facing a prolonged license suspension in the event that you refused to take a field sobriety test such as the breathalyzer test. Even in these cases, you may still avoid a license suspension.

Remember, this is not a court trial. This hearing will focus on police reports and breath & blood test results. By having an experienced DUI attorney assist you at this hearing, you can challenge the evidence that is being brought against you based on the hearsay rule.

Get more information when you contact a Fort Myers DMV hearing lawyer at the firm today.

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