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Instances of counterfeiting have become almost commonplace-so much that people tend to forget or ignore the legal ramifications of committing, witnesses or benefiting from counterfeiting crimes. It may seem appealing, even reasonable, to make some quick cash or easily handle a small documentation problem, but the risks and subsequent punishments are very high. When you imitate something with the intent to deceive or defraud another by falsely representing its authenticity, quality, characteristics or actual value, you are committing a federal offense.

When you counterfeit currency (paper or coin), stamps, documents, products, drugs (pharmaceutical or illegal), consumer goods, apparel, accessories, software and even cars or motorcycles, you are committing a felony. When you know something is considered to be a knock-off, fake, bogus, copycat, bootleg, phony, or scam, you can be fairly sure it's counterfeit. When the thing is sold on the black market, street market, under-ground market, through mail order schemes, pyramid schemes, or even email distribution channels, it becomes a complex legal matter that factors in additional jurisdictions, statutes, injured parties, and so on.

If the subject of counterfeit crimes is beginning to feel overwhelming and complicated, you are waking up to the real possibility that you or someone you know could be in very serious legal trouble. You need informed and capable legal representation from a Fort Myers criminal lawyer at Calvo & Calvo, Attorneys at Law.

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A Fort Myers criminal lawyer will be a valuable asset to have working on your case. Attorney Jose Calvo and Attorney Katheryn Calvo make a powerful team. Can you afford to go it alone, taking the risk of proceeding without professional legal help? The counterfeiting charges against you make this an extremely urgent situation. We may be able to help you navigate through the complex nature of this court process.

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