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Fighting Traffic Tickets in Fort Myers

Traffic tickets are often considered just a nuisance or an annoyance. But the days when one could just stuff them into the glove compartment and ignore them are long gone. Cities and municipalities have gotten very serious about their issuance and the imposition of steep fines and penalties.

Particularly as our local and state budgets have become strained to the point of insolvency the revenue stream possible from moving violation or parking tickets has developed into a source of financing as well as traffic control. Right or wrong, it is a fact. Should you prove forgetful or negligent in paying these bills it is not unlikely to face even stiffer fines, be placed under arrest and even lose ones license.

The Hidden Dangers of a Traffic Ticket

When a moving violation might cost a few dollars and perhaps never be placed on your record this was not of great importance. But with computerization and the cross sharing of data what is on your record can vastly affect insurance rates and even employment opportunities. Should enough violations occur or should the severity of the offense prove sufficient you could even lose your license.

The deprivation of a driver's license is not the loss of a luxury. In today's world it is a vital necessity. The ability to work a meaningful job, to provide food, access to medical care and even maintain a social life are all very dependent upon the possession of a driver's license and the access to transport that it provides.

Losing this can occur when enough violations have been accrued or when faced with serious moving violations. A Fort Myers criminal attorney is useful not only when defending against criminal traffic offenses but in the defense against traffic tickets as well. The consequences of multiple tickets exceed mere penalties and for this reason many of our clients at Calvo & Calvo, Attorneys at Law, seek our legal help with their traffic tickets.

Losing Your Driver's License

When you commit moving violations in Florida a certain number of points are assigned to your driving record. When the number reaches a certain defined level then your license maybe suspended.

For example if you earn:

  • 12 points within one year this could mean a 30 day suspension
  • 18 points within one year and a half then a three month suspension could result
  • 24 points within a three year period can result in a one year suspension

The law is even stricter for minors and can kick in as soon as six points are earned in a 12 month period. If you have been ticketed for a moving violation, particularly fleeing the scene of an accident with damage or a speeding violation that resulted in an accident, then don't risk losing your license.

Contact a Fort Myers traffic ticket lawyer to fight in your defense.


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