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Possession of a Controlled Substance in Florida

Having one or more illegal substances such as cocaine, marijuana, or heroin in your possession is enough to create a wave of criminal charges against you. Even having "legal" prescription drugs can become a possession charge if you are deemed as illegally possessing them.

This can be a daunting experience for anyone and minors can be dramatically overwhelmed by the implications of their actions, or guilt by way of association (hanging around the wrong crowd). Drug possession charges can escalate into complicated matters of whether or not there was intent to distribute the drugs in question.

Many things can affect the attitude of law enforcement, making your case a sensitive matter, but evidence such as the following can place you in a difficult position:

  • Drug quantity
  • Drug quality (grade)
  • Condition of the accused during questioning
  • Subsequent behavior displayed upon being arrested

If you want to help yourself (or someone you love) find your way out of the drug possession nightmare, call on Calvo & Calvo, Attorneys at Law to start the process of finding the right defense without delay.

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Penalties for Possession of CDS in Florida

The penalties you could face for possession of a controlled dangerous substance (CDS) in Florida largely depend on the amount and type of drug found in your possession. You can face either a felony or misdemeanor charge. Depending on the schedule of drug it falls under and the amount you can face penalties such as jail time and fines.

Drug Possession Attorney in Fort Myers, FL

Florida is a gateway for drug traffic. State and federal drug law enforcement agencies are looking for ways to bring this problem under control and swinging a heavy bat comes with the territory. Avoid the feelings of hesitation. Just say no to the ambivalent notion that it's no big deal and it will all be better in the morning.

Be concerned about your welfare or that of your friend or family member. Having a drug possession conviction is a big deal and help is available-not just legal assistance but also access to opportunities for addressing the more serious problem of addiction. We care. We can help you have a fighting chance and we know how to work with the courts so that the outcome may be the best you could hope for.

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