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Protecting Your Place in the United States

The area of immigration law is quite complex and has a lengthy history. Although the United States of America was founded as a nation of immigrants the need to control and restrict entry into the country has grown ever stronger over the years. The body of laws in regards to this subject stretches over 150 years into the past and any immigration issues you may face should be done with the competent representation of a Fort Myers criminal defense attorney.

Understanding the special challenges and turmoil that deportation can mean to individuals and their families have motivated us at Calvo & Calvo, Attorneys at Law, to fight hard for anyone's right to a better life. For those who are accused of a crime, deportation or immigration status does not mean you can't have a strong defense lawyer fighting for you.

Reasons and Offenses that could lead to Deportation Charges

The Immigration and Nationality Act was passed by Congress in 1952 and contains the body of law surrounding much of our immigration law. Within the INA are given the grounds for deportation.

This is quite a lengthy and extensive list but it can be divided into four main categories:

Criminal Grounds

  • Aggravated Felony Conviction
  • Controlled Substance Abuser or Addict
  • Controlled Substance Conviction
  • Crimes of Moral Turpitude

Immigration Grounds

  • Smuggling - Alien Smuggling Conduct or Smuggling for Immoral Purpose
  • Fraud - Document Fraud, Visa Fraud or Marriage Contract Fraud
  • Border Crossing Conviction

Immigration Status Violation Grounds

  • Health Entry Conditions Violation Conduct

Security Grounds

  • Overthrow of Government conduct, sabotage conduct or public safety conduct
  • Terrorist Conduct or Terrorist Training Recipient Conduct

This is a very partial list of potential grounds for deportation. It is a highly complex area of the law and requires experienced and professional representation.

Don't take risks or give up but instead contact a Fort Myers criminal attorney for help with your immigration issues.

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