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Most of us consider a moving violation to be a relatively simple matter of paying a ticket, a fine, making some vehicle corrections and perhaps attending traffic school. Yet not all moving violations are so simple and there are many that can be quite serious. There is a distinction between the more common motor vehicle or traffic violation and a criminal traffic offense. While the first can generally be dealt with by paying a fine, the second requires an appearance in front of a judge or magistrate.

Failure to appear will result in further serious legal complications and the very real possibility of arrest. In cases of leaving the scene of an accident, causing property damage or causing the death of another, you are in serious legal trouble.

In some cases we have had to fight for "no jail' for our clients who are accused of:

  • Driving while their license is suspended or revoked
  • Driving when they have no valid license
  • Driving with a license that has been expired for more than 4 months

When to Work with an Attorney

Generally such actions as travelling beyond the posted speed limits, running a red light or making an illegal U-turn will be considered a traffic moving violation and can be dealt with by paying the fine. However there are specific actions, such as fleeing a police officer, and certain levels of moving violations, such as driving at a high speed and demonstrating a wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property, that become criminal offenses. These, like any other criminal accusation, require the strong and knowledgeable defense of a Fort Myers criminal attorney.

Examples of Criminal Traffic Offenses

These are found under the Florida Statutes Title XXIII, Chapter 316, which discusses Motor Vehicles:

  • Driving While License Suspended with Knowledge (DWLS)
  • Refusal or failure to stop, or having stopped then willfully fleeing in an attempt to elude an officer or arrest
  • Driving at a high speed or in any manner which demonstrates a wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property
  • Fleeing in the course of unlawfully leaving or attempting to leave the scene of a crash
  • Invalid driver's license while operating a vehicle
  • Not surrendering one's driver's license upon authorized request
  • DUI or drug use 

Penalties can include heavy fines, community service and are often categorized as felonies which can carry significant jail or prison time. Much of the severity of the punishment will depend upon the complete set of circumstances, the amount of damage or bodily harm caused and previous driving or criminal records.

These are serious offenses and should not be taken lightly, nor considered a mere traffic violation. Contact a Fort Myers traffic attorney when charged with any traffic offense.


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