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Adopting another individual is the process of making someone a legal part of your family. It can be a complex and lengthy process which will affect many lives for years to come. Whether one deals with an agency or directly as an independent the need for a Fort Myers family law attorney is recommended to ensure the legalities are all properly taken care of.

Family members also gain rights and there are responsibilities that will arise. Avoiding future complications by ensuring things are properly executed at the onset is important. In assisting our clients with the adoption process at Calvo & Calvo, Attorneys at Law, we are not only involved with the documents, petitions and overall guidance but also provide oversight with larger issues such as asset disposition, estate planning and property.

Information on Adoption

There are different circumstances in an adoption. It may be a case where one already knows who is to be adopted and this is at times called an identified adoption. This may occur when a potential couple is aware of a specific child they wish to adopt or perhaps they need to formalize an existing relationship.

For example, caring for a child whose parents have died might be constructed as a guardianship or in some cases the caregivers may wish to formally adopt the child. There are distinct differences in how these two separate roles can affect certain responsibilities and property disposition so it is important to consult with an attorney on these matters.

However it is more common to work via an adoption agency. Public adoption agencies deal with abandoned children, children from abusive families and various other wards of the State. The public adoption agencies will seek to find suitable homes for the child and often deal with older and more mature children.

There are also charitable organizations and religious groups that have adoption agencies. Rather than placing children from circumstances such as the above public troubled areas these are often children that have been given up for adoption. These can be very active in the placement of children from foreign countries as well. In most cases it is more likely that one would find younger children and even babies from such organizations.

Regardless of where the child is adopted the courts will generally be interested in questions of parental fitness, financial ability to support a child, the potential environment provided and overall elements of suitability. All of this will be covered in the adoption papers, petitions and hearings.

It can be complex and for the best chance of success it is wise to employ experienced legal representation. If you are considering adoption and have questions please contact a Fort Myers Adoption Attorney for further information.


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