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In the same vein as counterfeiting, forgery is a specific area in criminal law of creating a falsified document or altering an existing authentic document with the intent to deceive, or commit fraud. Forgery laws can also be applied to objects such as paintings, literary works, archeological relics, or other works crafted by hand or well-known artisan-one of the most famous being Hitler's diary.

Forging signatures falls into this category or criminal activity. Identity theft may be one of the fastest growing crimes because of the wide spread access to personal information coupled with perfected techniques used by criminals to pull off the deception. Forgery is punishable on a federal level and a felony conviction can bring harsh penalties or imprisonment or both. If you or someone you know is facing forgery charges, immediate attention must be given to this extremely urgent situation by getting a Fort Myers criminal attorney on the case without delay.

Need help with your forgery case?

Building a sound defense depends on reliable evidence, credible witnesses and expert testimony, among other necessary tactics to give you the best chance of defending your rights throughout the judicial proceedings. An effective criminal defense team can make the difference between being swept through the process, potentially being found guilty without hesitation or a second thought. You deserve a fighting chance.

You have the right to have quality representation and a fair hearing. Do you really want to do it alone? Do you think the charges will just go away? Here at Calvo & Calvo, Attorneys at Law, we fortify your defense with experience, knowledge and dedication to competent representation. We stand on your behalf, facing the loudest critics and addressing the forgery crimes you are being charged with. We may be the team you've been looking for.

If you are ready to discuss your future plan of action, contact a Fort Myers criminal defense lawyer at our firm, we may be able to help.

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