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Before your divorce case is set for trial or before any final hearing Florida family courts send all cases to mediation. Usually you are given 45 days from the point the court orders you to mediation to get it carried out. Mediation is a method for you and your spouse to find lasting solutions to any issues that need to be resolved and it is an alternative to the sometimes lengthy and costly process of divorce court proceedings.

At Calvo & Calvo, Attorneys at Law, we offer mediation services as an option when you seek divorce. As you examine your options, discuss your situation with our Fort Myers divorce lawyer today!

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Understanding the Process of Mediation

A third-party mediator is selected as an objective person to assist you and your attorney to negotiate a fair settlement to your divorce. In this process you are given the time to fully discuss all divorce related issues.

It is an opportunity to resolve any disagreements and differences you may have with your spouse with someone who does not have a vested interest in the outcome of your divorce case. The mediator cannot force you to agree to anything nor can he give you legal advice.

With issues such as the following at stake, you will need a Fort Myers divorce attorney to guide and support you towards optimal divorce mediation solutions:

Benefits of Divorce Mediation

At Calvo & Calvo, Attorneys at Law, we take pride in our knowledge of family court procedure and our ability to apply them to the benefit of our clients. Certainly divorce is hard enough on former partners without the added pressure of not knowing what to do legally.

One of the ways we may be able to assist your efforts is through our divorce mediation services. An important factor in divorce mediation is that it affords you the opportunity to maintain control over the issues that are important to you in your divorce and avoids the courts having the only say in the matter.

Divorce mediation can save you time and money by not having to go through divorce court proceedings or lengthy divorce litigation. Mediation is considered a confidential proceeding, although there are certain exceptions provided by law. You and your spouse can therefore discuss divorce matters openly, honestly and with dignity and not have concern that what you state will later be used against you in your divorce case.

With our family law attorney by your side, you can gain confidence regarding what will occur in your final divorce decree as you and your spouse will be making the decisions. We have years of experience and would like the opportunity to help you and your family through professional and compassionate divorce mediation.

Contact a Fort Myers Divorce Mediation Lawyer if you are looking for a viable alternative to divorce litigation and court cases.


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