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There are many different ways in which you can be defended against your DUI charges, contrary to popular opinion. It may seem as if testing over a .08 on a breath or blood test is equated with an automatic conviction. This is not true. One way in which we fight to see that your charges are lessened or dropped is by calling into question the arrest itself.

Officers will pull people over under suspicion of drinking and driving if they say they notice irregular driving behavior. There may have been plenty of reasons for your irregular driving other than drinking. The police may have been mistaken in stopping you and administering field sobriety tests. If this can be proven, you may get out of your charges.

Developing a Strategy for Your Defense

Another common way that DUI charges are dropped is by attacking the sobriety tests and test results. If an officer does not adequately inform you of your rights and explain to you how to take the test then they administered the test faultily and your charges will be dropped.

Even if you took a breath or blood test and tested a .08 percent or higher, these results can be challenged. The machine or mode of testing may have been faulty and if this can be proven, there is no longer any evidence against you. Our firm is prepared to implement these and other strategies in order to get a ruling in your favor.

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