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Defending Against Fraud Accusations in Florida

Fraud is a serious crime that can have very serious consequences in Florida. If you have been accused of fraud, you must take action to protect your rights and avoid serious penalties. At Calvo & Calvo, Attorneys At Law, our Fort Myers fraud attorneys can help you fight the charges you may be facing and vigorously defend your rights. Our team will work hard to protect your interests and future.

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What is Fraud?

Fraud is considered a serious criminal offense that involves intentional deception or misrepresentation with the intent to acquire an unfair advantage or financial benefit. In the legal context, fraud can take various forms, including:

  • Mortgage Fraud: This occurs when an individual or entity misrepresents information on a mortgage application to secure a loan they wouldn't otherwise qualify for.
  • Securities Fraud: Securities fraud involves manipulating financial markets by providing false information, insider trading, or engaging in other deceptive practices related to stocks, bonds, or other investments.
  • Insurance Fraud: Individuals may commit insurance fraud by submitting false claims, exaggerating losses, or staging accidents to obtain insurance payouts.
  • Identity Theft: Identity theft is when someone unlawfully uses another person's personal information, such as social security numbers or credit card details, to commit fraud or other crimes.
  • Credit Card Fraud: This occurs when someone uses another person's credit card information without authorization for personal gain.
  • Wire Fraud: Wire fraud often involves the use of electronic communication, like email or phone, to perpetrate a fraudulent scheme.

What are the Penalties for Fraud in Florida?

Florida takes fraud offenses very seriously, and the penalties for a fraud conviction can be severe. The specific penalties you may face depend on the type and severity of the fraud committed. However, common consequences of fraud convictions in Florida may include:

  • Criminal Penalties: Individuals convicted of fraud may face imprisonment, fines, probation, or a mixture of these penalties. The severity of these penalties often corresponds to the amount of money involved in the fraudulent scheme.
  • Restitution: Courts may order individuals convicted of fraud to repay the victim for the financial losses they suffered due to the fraudulent activities.
  • Criminal Record: A fraud conviction can result in a permanent criminal record that can have long-lasting consequences, including difficulties in securing employment, housing, or loans.
  • Loss of Professional License: Some professions require licenses, and a fraud conviction may lead to the revocation or suspension of these licenses.
  • Civil Lawsuits: Victims of fraud may also file civil lawsuits seeking damages beyond the criminal penalties imposed by the court.
  • Damage to Reputation: A fraud conviction can harm an individual's personal and professional reputation, making it challenging to rebuild trust.

Defenses Against Fraud Charges

Defenses against fraud charges could include:

  • Lack of Intent: Fraud charges often require proof of intent to deceive. If it can be shown that you did not have the requisite intent, your charges may be reduced or dismissed.
  • Mistaken Identity: In some cases, individuals are wrongfully accused of fraud due to mistaken identity. We can investigate to ensure you are not a victim of mistaken identity.
  • Insufficient Evidence: We can carefully scrutinize the evidence against you, challenging its validity and credibility where necessary.
  • Entrapment: Entrapment may be a valid defense if you were coerced or induced by law enforcement or another party to commit fraud that you would not have otherwise committed.

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