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Family law is an area of the legal profession that requires heightened attention, care, and discretion. At Calvo & Calvo, Attorneys at Law, our legal team is dedicated to assisting families in Cape Coral as they transition through divorces, adoptions, separations, and other changes. When your family structure and property are at stake in a divorce or modification, it is important that you have legal representation you can count on to understand your needs and to effectively and efficiently look out for your best interests.

A divorce lawyer at our firm can offer you knowledgeable insight and legal counsel in handling all of the following in court:

In these and all family law matters, we take care to put your legal rights and financial interests first, all while focusing on an outcome that will also address your emotional needs.

A divorce in itself may be complicated. You may have a number of questions that need to be answered. Almost everything you do has the potential to affect the final outcome of your divorce. For example, should you move out of the family home? Doing so may actually negatively impact your case, depending on the particular situation. Is it a wise idea to transfer assets into a personal account, separate from your spouse?

Financial issues such as this should be approached with caution, as you do not want your actions misconstrued in such a way to make it seem that you are trying to cheat your spouse out of money or property he or she has a fair claim to. A divorce attorney who is experienced in handling cases in the Cape Coral area can address these and any other issues you are currently dealing with, offering sound advice that will help you make the right choices.

At our firm, we are ready to offer you the help you need to address all of the specific matters related to your divorce, including the following:

We can also help you after a divorce, as we handle modifications and enforcement proceedings. If you are in need of legal representation in another area of family law, such as adoption or dependency proceedings, we can handle those as well. We welcome your call to schedule a confidential consultation and review of your case.

Personalized Legal Counsel for Your Cape Coral Divorce

When legal issues become involved in families, it can become quite emotional and difficult. Our divorce attorneys understand how best to handle these delicate issues, and we truly look out for our clients' needs. It is extremely helpful to have legal counsel who understands what you are going through and that it is usually best to settle these matters as expeditiously as possible.

Your family is of paramount importance to our family law attorneys. We will always attempt negotiation and settling matters outside of court when possible, as this is easier on all members of the family. If, however, negotiation is impossible, we will take your case to court and aggressively litigate to protect your interests and your family. Call us today to arrange a case evaluation.

Contact a divorce attorney at Calvo & Calvo, Attorneys at Law if you live in Cape Coral and have a divorce, child custody, mediation, or modification issue. 


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