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What is the Definition of Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS)?

Parental alienation syndrome (PAS) is a relatively new concept in the realm of family law, with cases becoming more prevalent in the past decade. This phenomenon occurs when one parent attempts to turn a child against the other parent. Because this is often accomplished in a hidden manner and involves complex legal and emotional issues, it may be difficult to prove that parental alienation has been attempted or accomplished by either parent. The court will need to sift through extensive hearsay and a lack of hard evidence in making a ruling on these matters, often leading to a drawn out courtroom battle that takes its toll on both parents and the child or children involved.

Because parental alienation is a complicated topic and there are many variables involved, it is best to discuss your individual case and concerns with an attorney.

How to Prove Parental Alienation Syndrome in a Florida Court?

There are particular issues that we can look for in a parental alienation syndrome case:

  • A parent who blocks the other parent's access to or contact with a child
  • A parent who makes unfounded allegations of child abuse or neglect against the other parent
  • A significant and sudden deterioration in a child's relationship with his or her parent is noticed
  • A child making accusations or statements that sound rehearsed or use "grown-up" language or phrasing (indicating they may have been fed to the child by the parent who is attempting to alienate the other parent)
  • A parent attempting to control a child, testing his or her loyalty or making him or her "choose" between parents

A Fort Myers divorce attorney at Calvo & Calvo, Attorneys at Law can help if you are dealing with a case involving parental alienation, whether you are the parent accused of this conduct or if you are the victim of alienation.

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