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Burglary is the crime of entry into a building or conveyance with the purpose of committing a criminal offense, usually theft. Commonly it involves entering into a home without permission and stealing such things as jewelry, money, electronics, or credit cards. The state where the burglary was committed would determine the severity of the sentencing and the state of Florida has harsh penalties for those who commit burglary.

A criminal conviction can result in difficulty obtaining a loan to purchase a car or house. Job loss or an inability to find work in the future may result as well from a burglary conviction. At Calvo & Calvo, Attorneys at Law, our lawyers are knowledgeable in all aspects of criminal law and we aggressively defend clients charged with burglary offenses.

An individual charged with committing burglary should contact a Fort Myers criminal defense attorney right away.

About Burglary Crimes and Penalties

Burglary charges can vary depending on the circumstances of the crime. If an offender has a record of prior criminal charges then penalties may increase. The degree of the criminal charge determines the severity of the penalties. For instance in burglary, a third degree felony can result in incarceration for 5 years. A second-degree felony can carry a sentence of 15 years, and if a battery is committed during the commission of a burglary of a dwelling a life sentence can be imposed.

Until proven guilty, criminal defendants are innocent. It is the job of the prosecutor to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a defendant committed the crime of burglary. All elements of the crime must be present. A defense attorney can challenge the evidence brought against the defendant. There are many instances where violations of an accused's rights during arrest and search occur.

Criminal lawyers can often times have burglary charges decreased or totally dropped. Your future is at stake. You need a good, competent theft crimes attorney on your side. Contact us today for an appointment. We are experienced in defending burglary cases. 

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