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Murder is considered the killing of another individual with malice aforethought. This means that the action was committed after some amount of planning. Murder is committed deliberately and distinct from manslaughter, which may be committed accidentally. If you have been charged with murder, it is crucial to contact a highly skilled and experienced Fort Myers criminal defense attorney; your life could literally be hanging in the balance.

Prosecutors and police will do everything in their power to get you convicted. Without the help of a competent attorney, you may be charged and go to jail. We will fight aggressively to get clients cleared of their charges. Murder is the most serious offense you can commit. There are a number of tools available to defend even the most serious charges. Many people do not realize that just because someone is accused, it does NOT mean they are guilty. We may be able to help you clear your name and move on with your life.

Experienced Murder Defense Lawyer in Fort Myers

Due to the fact that murder includes premeditation or planning, it is considered a more severe crime than manslaughter and punished accordingly. You could be sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of release. In some cases, the death penalty is given. Don't wait for your conviction and hope that you will get lucky; this is your one chance to fight against these charges and get them dropped. We will utilize all of our experience to help clients eradicate their charges or at the very least lessen their penalties.

Our firm can assist those who are facing the following types of murder charges:

  • First Degree Murder- premeditated murder
  • Second Degree Murder-murder without premeditation such as a crime of passion.
  • Attempted murder- intent to kill another individual by preparation and other means.

To find out how you can be assisted, speak with one of our attorneys today. Contact a Fort Myers criminal attorney today if you are being charged with murder.


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