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Protecting the Best Interest of the Child

The primary concern of Florida courts in handling child support situations is doing what is in the overall best interests of your children. At any time during the divorce process the court may order you or yourself, to pay child support.

Even after the initial order by the court for payment of child support, the court continues to have the legal ability to modify any of the following aspects of the child support payment:

  • Amount
  • Terms
  • Conditions

This can apply to children past the age of 18 or when the circumstances of either parent drastically changes. How the payments are figured, what your support will be, how this court ordered child support will be enforced and many other questions may be answered competently by an experienced and knowledgeable Fort Myers divorce lawyer.

How a Child Support Order is Created

Child support is an inevitable part of divorce cases involving children. Once your dissolution of marriage occurs and there is a final order on record in the court, the process of child support begins. Child support orders are entered into the court computers. From there the Florida State Disbursement Unit uses information from the court order to establish a child support payment account for your case and to track each payment that is made and received.

You and your spouse must follow the court order and start your payments at the time given. There are many steps to the procedure and at Calvo & Calvo, Attorneys at Law, we would like the opportunity to make this process understandable and as smooth as possible so that you are in compliance with the law. We offer our experienced help with these cases in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs and the surrounding areas.

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Changes in Florida's Child Support Law

There is a new law in our state which made notable changes to our child support system. Now, child support orders must give the date the support will self-terminate. With the old law parents had to revisit the court as each of their children became an adult and with this came renewed arguments over other divorce matters. Parents no longer have to return to court when their child becomes an adult.

The other significant change in our child support laws has to do with how the calculations are done that result in the child support payments each parent has to make. We feel it is our job as child support lawyers to keep abreast of the latest changes to our child support laws so that we can use this information to the best advantage of our clients. In the past, some parents would try to avoid making some or all of their court ordered child support payments.

There are many reasons why it is no longer plausible to avoid child support payments, including:

  • Increased child support enforcement actions
  • Involvement of the Federal government
  • Coordination of child support efforts between states

Legal Assistance from Our Fort Myers Divorce Lawyer

If you fall behind in child support payments, you can end up in prison. If you do not receive the child support that you are supposed to you can lose out on thousands of dollars that should have been used to the benefit of your children. Don't let either of these situations occur to you.

Contact a Fort Myers child support attorney if you would like assistance in properly handling child support payments in your divorce case.

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