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Kidnapping refers to the crime of seizing someone against his or her will and removing him or her from the area either by force or other means such as fraud or threats. If the victim is not capable of resisting or does not try to resist, it is still considered kidnapping. Even cases where the victim gives full consent may be considered kidnapping depending on the circumstances. Penalties for kidnapping charges in the state of Florida are extremely severe. A parent can be charged with kidnapping if the other parent was awarded sole custody by the court.

If the court has never ordered custody of the child to either parent, kidnapping charges may not be brought. At Calvo & Calvo, Attorneys at Law, we understand that our clients must be protected against false charges and often; we are their only hope. Our justice system can be harsh and penalize sweepingly. Our Fort Myers kidnapping defense attorneys have the experience and background in kidnapping cases to help clients who have been wrongly accused.

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Defense to Kidnapping Charges in Florida

Kidnapping is a felony, and if convicted, you could be facing life in prison. We understand what is at stake and will do everything in our power to protect and defend clients against these charges. Our Fort Myers kidnapping defense attorneys have helped many clients lessen or eradicate the penalties associated with kidnapping charges. If you are charged with kidnapping or aggravated kidnapping, it is crucial that you contact a highly skilled criminal defense attorney immediately.

You do not want to enter the courtroom for such a serious charge without a highly skilled lawyer on your side. Simple kidnapping can result in a prison sentence, hefty fines, restitution, probation, and a permanent criminal record. These are merely the penalties for simple kidnapping; the penalties for aggravated kidnapping are far more severe.

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