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Parental Relocation and "Move Away" Cases

There are various reasons that a parent may wish to relocate to another county or state. Sometimes a move to another country is even warranted. If parents share custody of a child or if a custodial parent wishes to move, the parent wishing to relocate must provide a written notice of intent to relocate to the non-custodial parent.

This must state the reason for the move as well as all information about where the parent is moving to, including the address and phone number if known. This notice must also include a proposed visitation schedule and transportation arrangements revised to suit the move.

Work with Our Fort Myers Divorce Attorney to Protect Your Rights

Parental relocation or "move away" cases may present particular difficulties to a custodial or non-custodial parent. Immediately involving a Fort Myers divorce lawyer is important if you would like to be sure that your parental rights and your child's best interests will be protected in the modification of your current parenting plan.

If a custodial parent fails to provide notice to a non-custodial parent about an intended move, this may allow the court to issue a temporary or permanent custody order that requires the return of the child or mandates that the parent cannot move the child. On the reverse side, if the custodial parent properly files a notice of relocation and the non-custodial parent does not file an objection within 30 days, the non-custodial parent may lose the right to challenge the move.

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The geographic distance between a parent and child may have a significant impact on their relationship. At Calvo & Calvo, Attorneys at Law we understand how parental relocation may affect a child's relationship with his or her parents. We offer knowledgeable family law counsel in these matters, working tirelessly to protect our clients' rights in seeking the outcome they are hoping for in their move away cases.

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