Alcohol and car keys
The Fort Myers Police Department will be conducting DUI checkpoints this weekend May 20-22. The location as always is undisclosed, but it will be within the city limits of Fort Myers.The city limits of Fort Myers is depicted in the map below. The beige or yellow area is the city limits of Fort Myers. Anywhere in that area, Fort Myers Police will be setting up a checkpoint. If you've had a couple of drinks take a taxi home; don't drive. Call a friend. Typically a checkpoint will be visible and there will be a final turnoff before entering the checkpoint. However, usually the turnoff street will have unmarked police cars waiting to observe someone avoiding the checkpoint and looking for indicators of impairments. Some indicators of impairment law enforcement will be looking for are failing to maintain a singel lane of traffice (swerving), speeding, erratic driving pattern, and faulty equipment on your vehicle (tag light out) are all valid reasons for law enforcement to pull you over. If you are arrested for DUI do not hesitate to call an experienced DUI lawyer in fort myers. Call Calvo & Calvo attorneys at law for your free consultation.

Map of Fort Myers