Click it or Ticket Campaign

Lee County will be participating in the nationwide law enforcement initiative called "click it or ticket." The initiative provides heightened enforcement of the seatbelt laws and also designed to educate motorists of the dangers of driving without a seat belt. The campaign starts locally May 23, 2011 and will continue on through memorial weekend until June 3, 2011. Mandatory safety belt laws have been sprouting up all over the United States in recent years. Here in Florida wearing your seat belt has been a law for many years, but it was never enforced by law enforcement until recently. In June of 2009 the State of Florida made it a traffic infraction to not be wearing your seat belt. An officer can pull you over for not wearing your seat belt. In other words, you can be driving the speed limit and not commit any of the normal traffic infractions and yet still get pulled over for not wearing a seat belt. In fact, your passenger if he or she is not wearing a seat belt they too will be cited. Of course these campaigns have good intentions, but it's interesting to determine if this enforcement of the seatbelt law has truly increased the number of motorists who wear seatbelts.