Without exception you should consult with a lawyer after being arrested. However, who to consult with is a more difficult question to answer. Your friend or family member might have a lawyer of their own, but you've also received fifty letters in the mail, and you see so many billboards around town. Who should I pick? There are five simple points you should use when picking your lawyer. The first and probably most important; always hire a local attorney. For example, if you live in Georgia, but you were arrested in Fort Myers you should hire a Fort Myers criminal defense lawyer. A local attorney will know the local landscape and will be able to maneuver around so much easier than some lawyer from Georgia! The second point; hire a lawyer who practices the area of law you need. Don't hire your buddies' eviction lawyer to represent you in a DUI case. He will not know what he's doing. He might be great in eviction work, but know nothing about criminal court especially DUI cases. The third point; consult with a few lawyers before making your decision. Lawyers are like doctors, every single one has an opinion on how to proceed with your issue. You should choose the one you feel most comfortable with. The fourth point; lawyers do not have a crystal ball. If he or she is guaranteeing you a result in your criminal case you may want to consult with another lawyer. There are too many variables in a criminal case to make any real guarantees in a case. Last point; is the fee too low or too high in comparison with the other lawyers you visited with? This should always be a caution flag. Too low might mean they don't care and they are running a plea mill. Too high could just be for shock value. In the end, you should choose a lawyer who is confident but cautious, you really like, one that practices in the area of law you are seeking, and is located in the town where you need representation. If you have been arrested in Fort Myers call Calvo & Calvo Attorneys at Law for your free consultation today. We are local attorneys with experience and knowledge of Dui and criminal defense.