On February 7, 2011 prosecutors in Collier County dismissed our clients DUI case. Approximately four months ago our client was driving home late at night. He was on his cellular phone and lost control of his vehicle. He ended up crashing his vehicle. The car rolled over a few times. Client was not injured, but he was definitely dazed. Law enforcement came on scene and began asking him questions about where he was going and where he was coming from. Client was cooperative. Law enforcement then requested that client participate in field sobriety exercises because he smelled like alcohol. Client again cooperates, but is unable to perform the exercises to the officer's expectations. Client is arrested for DUI. Upon closer review of the facts our attorneys were able to establish that no one had seen client actually driving the vehicle. No wheel witness in a DUI case prevents the prosecution from proving their case. Our Lawyers were also able to save clients driver's license at the DMV hearing. Call us now for your free consultation with our experienced DUI lawyers