Should I have refused the breath test?

In the State of Florida you are allowed to refuse a breath test during a DUI investigation. However, your refusal can be used against you in a court of law as a potential indicator of consciousness of guilt. What this means is basically the prosecuting attorney can argue that you refused the breath test because you were impaired. Even if that's not the case the prosecutor is allowed to make those arguments due to your refusal. Additionally, the driver's license sanctions in a refusal case can be harsher than if you had taken the breath test. Some years ago it was common to hear that everybody's advice on DUI cases was to refuse the breath test no matter what. "Why give law enforcement more evidence?" For some cases it was good advice. Well, things have changed and it's not quite that easy anymore. If you have refused once before, now, a second refusal is a separate criminal charge. It's much more difficult to defend, because the only evidence needed to prove up the charge is that you refused a breath test a second time. You should consult a lawyer immediately if you or a loved has been arrested for a DUI. You only have ten days before your license is suspended. Call Calvo & Calvo Attorneys at law for your free consultation.