Did Casey Anthony murder her daughter?

The question has been litigated now for over three years. We are now in trial and almost four weeks later the case has not gone to the jury to decide Casey Anthony's fate. Such a high profile case and yet the "who done it" appeal is still there and both sides (prosecution and defense) at the end of the day are doing a fine job presenting their side of the case. This case is especially difficult because a young mother, who seems normal and acts normal on the surface, is charged with murdering her only child who was two years old at the time of the murder. It's difficult to fathom what possibly could have motivated Casey Anthony to murder her daughter. The prosecution and newspapers have presented motives such as young mother who falls for a new boyfriend who wants nothing to do with a girl with a young child. So in a misguided effort to save her new relationship with her new boyfriend she begins to research online how to kill without getting caught. Some of the internet searches conducted from a computer located in her house was about chloroform. Other searches indicated somebody researching methodology to murder and not get caught. So far we have the prosecution presenting their version of facts and events as they believe it could have happened. The duct tape and chloroform found on the duct tape is damning evidence for Casey Anthony. Even if the defense is going to argue accidental drowning in a pool how do you get around the simple fact that a piece of duct tape with chloroform was found securely fastened over the mouth and nose of the remains founds to be Caylee Anthony? Certainly a difficult case, but the State of Florida has the burden of proof that Casey Anthony was indeed the person who committed this crime. No matter how ugly the facts of a case, the prosecution still has to connect you to the actual crime. Call now your Fort Myers criminal defense attorney for a free consultation.