Most of us only know of him because of the ongoing Casey Anthony murder trial. But who is this lawyer who seems to fumble around the courtroom at times and other times cross examine witnesses with flare and legal prowess? Mr. Baez accepted Ms. Anthony's case pro-bono and has dedicated all of his time and effort in saving her life. If convicted she is facing the death penalty. A case of this magnitude and severity should have been tried by an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer. Although commendable that he would take on such a complex and severe case for nothing, it does call into question his motives and underlying reasons. Upon a quick review of Mr. Baez attorney status it is immediately noted that he was barred in 2005. In other words, Mr. Baez has been a lawyer for about five years even though he was born in 1969. Further information about Mr. Baez was obtained from articles written about him from the Orlando Sentinel. None of which is all too flattering. Mr. Baez passed the bar in 1997, but was not allowed to become a lawyer until 2005. It took eight years for the Florida Bar to allow Mr. Baez to become a practicing lawyer. Reasons include lack of financial responsibility and "a total lack of respect for the rights of others and a total lack of respect for the legal system,..." Harsh words from the Florida Supreme Court. It is imperative to always meet with different lawyers before choosing one to represent you. Do some research and ask people you trust for possible referral. A lot is at stake when you are charged with a crime. Call a fort myers criminal defense lawyer for your free consultation. Call Calvo & Calvo Attorneys at law.