A DUI arrest can ruin someone's life. It makes sense to consult with an experienced DUI defense lawyer to determine what the best course of action is in your specific case. Every DUI case is different and may have some case specific defenses and mitigation evidence. One of the harshest penalties in DUI law lately is the eighteen month hard suspension of your driver's license when you have refused a breath test in the past. It doesn't matter when you refused, only that you refused a breath test once before. The eighteen month suspension is without any benefit of a hardship or work permit type driver's license. Although refusing a breath test might help your criminal case it is usually worse to refuse for DMV purposes. For example, if it's your first Dui arrest your driver's license suspension is only 30 days if you submit to a breath test. If you refuse your driver's license suspension is 90 days. Either way our lawyers at Calvo & Calvo can help you with your set of circumstances. Call now for your free consultation and detailed evaluation of your specific case. It's important to evaluate your case as soon as possible since you only have ten days to request a hearing on the validation of your driver's license suspension.
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