Sexual Assault Can Result in the Loss of Your Job & Other Penalties

It seems that sexual assault charges surface in the news regularly. One common factor that unites all of these cases is that it can be difficult, if not impossible in some instances, to irrefutably prove that the defendant is guilty. Therefore, allegations swirl around the alleged offender and they are left to deal with repercussions that impact almost every area of their life.

There is no denying that sexual assault charges have ramifications that are difficult to bounce back from, even aside from penalties assigned by the court. When you combine the two, it is an extremely disruptive offense to be convicted of.

How does the court punish sexual assault?

Sexual assault, sexual battery, and rape are all essentially the same crime in Florida and punished accordingly. If someone forces a victim to participate in sexual intercourse against their will, it is considered illegal. Other factors, such as the age of both parties and circumstances surrounding the offense, will also be taken into account by the court.

When the victim is a minor, the defendant will usually be convicted of a felony. Penalties can include fines, anywhere from five years to life in prison, and required registration as a sex offender.

What impact will a sexual assault conviction have on my future?

Any hope of living a life as you once had planned is severely diminished after being convicted of sexual assault. This conviction immediately places restrictions on where you can live and requires you to check in with the appropriate authorities anytime you move.

You may also be required to inform others in the neighborhood of your status as a sex offender, which carries an immense social stigma. The inability to possess firearms is also imposed on convicted sex offenders.

Furthermore, your record can be forever tarnished. Employers are known for running background checks and when they see a record of sexual assault, it can diminish your chances of successfully gaining employment.

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