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Can I Get My Criminal Record Expunged?

Providing you meet all of the legal requirements as laid out Florida statutes, and you have obtained a Certificate of Eligibility from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, you will be able to get your criminal record expunged. Florida Statute 943.0585 clearly lays out the qualifications which must be met before the court will authorize the expunging of your criminal record. Not all crimes, however, qualify for expunction. Arson, aggravated assault or battery, child abuse, kidnapping, manslaughter, robbery, sexual battery, murder and numerous other crimes are not eligible for expunction.

In cases where you pled guilty or were found guilty of certain criminal offenses, you will not be able to have those convictions expunged from your criminal record. If you received an acquittal at trial, or a withholding of adjudication, those charges will not be eligible for expunction for a minimum of 10 years. Charges that were dismissed prior to trial can be expunged at once. Rest assured that, while not all offenses can be immediately expunged, our firm will be able to review all of your prior convictions and we may be able to help you resolve even the most difficult situations regarding a criminal record. To find out more about expunction or to obtain legal assistance with clearing your criminal record, we advise you contact a Fort Myers criminal defense lawyer at our firm immediately.

Our attorneys have years of experience helping those accused and/or charged with criminal offenses seek justice and clear their good name. We know how damaging a criminal record can be if you are trying to launch a new career, buy a home for you and your family, obtain a loan, or even start a business. In many instances those with a criminal record will be automatically turned away without a second look. Our objective is to do everything possible to help you get your criminal record expunged so you can be confident that you won't be haunted by it any longer. To find out more, contact Calvo & Calvo, Attorneys at Law and scheduled to meet with one of our criminal defense lawyers today. Your future is well worth it.