How much should I spend for a lawyer?

If you are shopping for a lawyer the first thing you will notice is the large discrepancy in prices. Some lawyers want an exorbitant amount of money for nothing and some will work for nothing. This is why it is so crucial to visit with a few attorneys before making your decision. Some things you may want to consider before signing that contract. First, make sure your agreement is in writing for future reference. If it's in writing the commitment of each side should be spelled out in the contract. There is no room for misunderstandings between the attorney and client if it's all in writing. Second, make sure the lawyer explains to you why the price is so high or so low. It's important to know what you're lawyer is going to do for you for the retainer they have charged you. In some cases, if you cannot afford a normal priced attorney it's better to go with the public defender than pay a private lawyer a small fee for very little representation. Always take into consideration the lawyer's experience and background. A lawyer with several years of experience either at the State Attorney's office or Public defender's office is going to have more trial experience. It's also important to feel comfortable and confident with the lawyer you decided to go with. It's important to not only discuss your case with the lawyer, but feel like the lawyer has taken a real interest in your case and wants to help you. At Calvo & Calvo we pick our clients because we want to help them with their situation. We are dedicated to excellence and will achieve the best possible results for our clients. Call now for your free consultation.