Is Casey Anthony not guilty?

Ms. Anthony has been given another chance. A chance that many accused didn't get. In fact, many states in our great country put moratoriums on death penalty cases after realizing that defendants accused of heinous crimes were actually innocent of the crime. Years later, DNA tests proved that they did not commit the crime. She should rejoice that she has been given this opportunity to continue life. Although her daughter is still dead, and the evidence at least showed that her death was not accidental, Ms. Anthony is free. The prosecution spent millions of tax payer dollars to prosecute this young mother of the most serious crime known in our justice system. Was the jury angry at the prosecution for accusing this young mother of first degree murder? Did they rebel and decide that she should not be accused of first degree murder, but of some other crime that was not on the verdict form? It is a legal travesty to say the least when the end of a case brings more questions than answers. Ms. Anthony will not be able to be tried again for this crime. Double jeopardy attached when the jury was sworn in over a month ago. If any lesson has been learned in this case is that a person cannot be convicted in the media only in court by a jury. Although both Ms. Anthony and her defense lawyer were ridiculed at every step of this trial it's apparent that the jury truly listened to the judges orders and rules and made their decision on what evidence was actually presented not what was said about Casey Anthony in the press.