Bennifer 2.0-Maybe Hollywood marriages aren't so different after all

“Super couples” in Hollywood are often dubbed nicknames. One of the most famous being “Bennifer 2.0” a.k.a. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. Why 2.0? Well…Ben has a thing for “Jennifers,” and before Jennifer Garner there was Jennifer Lopez. Affleck and Lopez split in January of 2004, after a brief engagement. The following year in June of 2005, Affleck and Garner were married.

Fast Forward 10 Years Later

After 3 children and a marriage that seemed to be golden, the couple announced their split in June of 2015. Everyone was shocked. 10 years is a lifetime for a Hollywood couple. In February of 2017, Garner announced she was filing divorce after about a year and a half of separation. Less than two weeks later in early March of 2017, Bennifer 2.0 announced they were calling off the divorce and back together. So, what really happened?

While married, Affleck and Garner often spoke publicly about their marriage and what made it work so well. While filming the couple often went to visit each other on set and continued to support each other’s careers. Garner always showed her support for Affleck, and Affleck always mentioned his gratitude and love in his awards acceptance speeches. The pair seemed equally supportive and appreciative of their partner.

Furthermore, in several public interviews, the couple mentioned their ability to talk, joke, and just spend time together at home. Like most other couples, they too spent time sitting side by side on the couch while on their laptops. During an acceptance speech for winning an Oscar for Best Picture, Affleck stated that marriage is work and thanked Garner for working with him on it. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and boy did this couple work at it.

Even during their separation, Affleck and Garner were seen leaving couple’s therapy several times. Additionally, the couple made their family a priority. Even during their time of separation, the couple was seen spending time together with the children, going on outings, and celebrating birthdays. Garner even continued spending time with her mother-in-law. The couple continued to “make it work” and expressed their continued effort to stay on good terms.

It’s no wonder it is being reported that the couple has called off their divorce and is giving it another try. Regardless of the outcome, the reality is sometimes things just don’t work out, and that’s ok. If things didn’t work out for you and your spouse give us a call at Calvo and Calvo and let us assist you through this difficult time.

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