Invest in an Attorney - It's Worth it

In many areas of the law there is nothing preventing you from representing yourself pro se without an attorney.

But, just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should…

Attorneys study for several years in order to learn how the law works. They then follow up years of studying by putting into practice what they’ve learned. Some areas of the law are more technical than others. If you don’t know how to assert your rights you may find yourself walking out of Court wondering what happened.

For example, many individuals don’t know that in family law you can’t get what you don’t ask for. The Judge isn’t going to automatically divide all of your marital assets, set a time-sharing schedule, or order child support. Additionally, the law only provides for certain types of relief—meaning sometimes you’re limited in what you can ask for. Without knowing what the Judge can and can’t do for you it’s difficult to know what you need to ask for.

We all know what happens when you don’t do something right the first time…you end up having to do it again. Why put yourself in that situation? There are some things in life we can skimp on. Your legal representation shouldn’t be one of them.

When you have a cavity, you go to a dentist. When you want to build a house, you go to a contractor. When you need surgery, you go to a surgeon. Why do anything different when you need legal services? Go to an attorney.

Invest in attorneys who know the law and can help you get what you need in Court. At Calvo & Calvo we can help you get it right the first time - call today!

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