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Recent Posts in Modification of Child Support Category

  • Stepparent Adoptions

    You’ve been married for several years. Your spouse has a child from a prior marriage, and you love that child as if they were your own biological child. The child views you as their parent and may even call you “mommy” or “daddy.” You find yourself wishing that somehow you could “officially” become this child’s parent. What if I told you that was possible? An adoption creates a legal parent-child ...
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  • Is Mel Gibson in contempt of court?

    Mel Gibson is called a dead beat dad. Oksana Grigoriva, the mother of Gibson's child has filed a contempt of court charge against Mel Gibson due to his failure to pay the twenty thousand dollar per month child support payment he was ordered to pay by a judge. For three months since the order has been in place Gibson has paid between five and ten thousand dollars in child support. Mel Gibson is ...
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