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  • Alimony-Everyone wants it, but not everyone gets it!

    Alimony, or spousal support , is commonly sought after in divorce cases. The idea of having your ex-spouse pay your living expenses so that you can “live in the lifestyle you’ve become accustomed to” sounds pretty wonderful. But what really is alimony, and how do you actually get it? The purpose of alimony is to avoid any unfair economic consequences as a result of your divorce. It is a ...
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  • Bennifer 2.0-Maybe Hollywood marriages aren't so different after all

    “Super couples” in Hollywood are often dubbed nicknames. One of the most famous being “Bennifer 2.0” a.k.a. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. Why 2.0? Well…Ben has a thing for “Jennifers,” and before Jennifer Garner there was Jennifer Lopez. Affleck and Lopez split in January of 2004, after a brief engagement. The following year in June of 2005, Affleck and Garner were married. Fast forward 10 ...
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  • "Estoy divorciando y DCF tiene custodia de mi hijo, ¿qué hago?"

    Has solicitado un divorcio y las cosas se están moviendo a lo largo en el caso. De repente un informe es llamado al Departamento de los niños y las familias con respecto a su hijo. Hay una investigación de DCF y el Departamento tiene custodia de su hijo. ¿Qué sucede ahora? A la vez que DCF tiene la custodia de su hijo la Tribunal de dependencia tiene jurisdicción. Esto significa que el caso de la ...
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  • What Documents are Needed for Divorce in Florida?

    In the state of Florida, divorcing spouses are required to provide their lawyers with a wide range of documents and information in order to determine the terms of their separation agreement. This information will play a key role in determining how your assets, debts, and property will be distributed, as well as how issues such as child custody and spousal support will be negotiated. Spouses must ...
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  • How Divorce Can Affect Your Taxes

    The only thing more frustrating than having to file your taxes is having to file an abnormally complicated tax return. Out of all the things we can encounter in life that complicate our taxes, divorce might just be the most common. If you have recently been divorced, or are going through the process right now, there are a couple things you might have to do differently to properly file your taxes. ...
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  • Is Mel Gibson in contempt of court?

    Mel Gibson is called a dead beat dad. Oksana Grigoriva, the mother of Gibson's child has filed a contempt of court charge against Mel Gibson due to his failure to pay the twenty thousand dollar per month child support payment he was ordered to pay by a judge. For three months since the order has been in place Gibson has paid between five and ten thousand dollars in child support. Mel Gibson is ...
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