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Blog Posts in January, 2015

  • Uncontested vs. Contested Divorce

    In any divorce there is bound to be some level of conflict. After all, you're committing to big decisions that have the power to alter the course of your future. Just how that conflict is handled, however, dictates the kind of divorce you can expect to have. Each couple makes the decision to divorce with different expectations, especially in regards to property division. Maybe you just want the ...
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  • Different Types of Custody

    In an effort to reform the way custody is handled in Florida, outdated terms have since been done away with and are replaced by more human ones. Custody is now referred to as 'parental responsibility' and 'time-sharing.' Parents are required to follow a time-sharing schedule that determines when they see and spend time with their children. In other states, parents are awarded sole or joint ...
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  • Sexual Assault Can Result in the Loss of Your Job & Other Penalties

    It seems that sexual assault charges surface in the news regularly. One common factor that unites all of these cases is that it can be difficult, if not impossible in some instances, to irrefutably prove that the defendant is guilty. Therefore, allegations swirl around the alleged offender and they are left to deal with repercussions that impact almost every area of their life. There is no denying ...
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  • Know Your Rights if Arrested for DUI

    We've all heard the common phrase before: "you have the right to remain silent" and the rest of your rights. But if you've been arrested for DUI, your rights go much deeper than this first phrase. Having awareness of what you're really entitled to can make a significant difference in your case. Your Miranda rights, including the freedom to stay silent during questioning, are actually quite ...
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