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Blog Posts in June, 2011

  • Casey Anthony has been found competent to continue trial?

    Why is Casey Anthony being evaluated for competency issues at this late stage of trial? Usually, competency comes up early on in a case when defense counsel has had an opportunity to speak with the accused and realizes that the accused may not understand all that is happening. However, there must be a good faith basis from defense counsel to request that an evaluation be performed on his/her ...
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    In the State of Florida if you are in a car accident you must stay on scene and you must accurately and truthfully report everything that happened. However, any statements made to law enforcement during the accident report is excluded from a criminal investigation. The reason for this law/ privilege is to encourage witnesses to cooperate with law enforcement in automobile accident investigations. ...
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    Most of us only know of him because of the ongoing Casey Anthony murder trial. But who is this lawyer who seems to fumble around the courtroom at times and other times cross examine witnesses with flare and legal prowess? Mr. Baez accepted Ms. Anthony's case pro-bono and has dedicated all of his time and effort in saving her life. If convicted she is facing the death penalty. A case of this ...
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  • Did Casey Anthony murder her daughter?

    The question has been litigated now for over three years. We are now in trial and almost four weeks later the case has not gone to the jury to decide Casey Anthony's fate. Such a high profile case and yet the "who done it" appeal is still there and both sides (prosecution and defense) at the end of the day are doing a fine job presenting their side of the case. This case is especially difficult ...
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    A DUI arrest can ruin someone's life. It makes sense to consult with an experienced DUI defense lawyer to determine what the best course of action is in your specific case. Every DUI case is different and may have some case specific defenses and mitigation evidence. One of the harshest penalties in DUI law lately is the eighteen month hard suspension of your driver's license when you have refused ...
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    Arrestado por un delito? Es muy importante entender sus derechos como un acusado. Que mejor manera de entender que con un abogado que le pueda explicar su caso y derechos en su propio idioma. No acepte que la secretaria sabe un poco de espanol para represetar tus mejores intereses. Demande un abogado que pueda hablar espanol y que te pueda explicar su caso en detalle y con paciencia. Un abogado ...
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  • Tengo un ICE hold. Que se puede hacer?

    Pare el indocumentado el estado de la Florida ultimamente esta muy dificil. Especialmente, si esta arrestado. Es muy importante hablar con un abogado inmediatamente pare evaluar su caso y estudiar si hay una manera de que puedas salir. Si el ICE hold es valido y no puede peliar para que salgas de la carzel entionces es muy impotantes tratar de serrar su caso lo mas pronto posible para que puedas ...
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