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When your criminal record shows that you have a conviction or even an arrest for a criminal offense, this can negatively impact your ability to get a job among other damages. For those who have led a law-abiding life and have an arrest for a criminal offense on their record, the opportunity to "clean" your criminal record is important.

A Fort Myers criminal defense lawyer from Calvo & Calvo, Attorneys at Law can assist you with this process. An expungement for an earlier error in judgment from years in the past can be a great benefit to those who are leading a productive life free of any criminal activity. Schedule an evaluation with the firm if you are in legal trouble and need a knowledgeable defense attorney.

Expungement Attorney in Fort Myers

There are many cases in which a young person got in trouble for drugs, a petite theft, or other offense that is very detrimental when looking for a quality job. Most employers looking for a good candidate will avoid those who appear to be "risky" or may have drug problems. Any theft offense can be a deal-breaker. Even some potential relationships, both personal and business can be destroyed when a background check is done on you.

There are specific requirements for expungement and/or sealing, and it must be carefully managed from the outset of the process. You must have fulfilled the terms of any probation, and must not have any outstanding requirements, including community service or fines. Some criminal offenses may not be able to be expunged, but even more serious felony offenses potentially can be resolved with the assistance of our legal team. We understand how important it is to your future that your record is expunged or sealed and we can help.

Contact a Fort Myers criminal attorney from our firm to assist you with sealing your criminal record.

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